“Kaos is clearly about enabling children. They have found potential in mine that may not have been picked up at school and have helped them overcome many obstacles and given them confidence. The team’s magical combination of skill and enthusiasm has earned the children’s respect and loyalty. Very few children seem to leave Kaos, it’s not just a drama class, it’s more like a second family.”

From Susan Cole (Kaos Parent)

“Enthusiastic, thoughtful and clear explanations. Really enjoyed by children and staff”

Teacher, Woodlands Park Junior School

“As a teacher, I came away with ideas for using drama as an aid to writing and was able to follow up the day with my own work. V. good!”

Teacher, Downhills Primary School

“In the Kaos Choir pupils from Hazelbury and other local schools have the opportunity to use sign language while they sing and the choir’s success, including performances at the Royal Festival Hall, has hugely raised their self-esteem.”

Ofsted Report Hazelbury Junior School, Enfield

“…a wonderful workshop… by far the best arts-based workshop ever seen at the school”

Andrew Colley, Southview School / Edith Borthwick Special School

“Deaf-hearing integration can sometimes be an awkward and stiff affair. But Kaos offer an imaginative template that can easily be used by schools and youth organisations everywhere”

Stephen Iliffe, National Deaf Children’s Society Magazine

“To see all those children wanting to know our language and mix with us… it made me feel proud of being Deaf”

Audience member, Royal Festival Hall

“200 kids, all singing, all signing, all throwing themselves into the songs and beaming from ear to ear. It’s a phenomenal sight and a heavenly sound. Whether they have you sobbing or grinning, you leave with a song in your heart”

Audience member, Royal Festival Hall

“My son Ethan is eight years old and profoundly deaf. He uses British Sign Language as his main form of communication. He has been a member of The Kaos Signing Choir for an extraordinary three years in which I have seen his confidence grow and had many emotional moments. Through Kaos, Ethan has the experience of sharing his language with hearing children, the huge enjoyment upon being able to access the magic of music and rhythm and the opportunity to perform in great venues in a great team and in a supportive, inclusive environment. Ethan has taken the music he learns in choir very much to his heart and gives impromptu performances regularly for friends and family. He even won a talent contest by performing ‘Down Down Baby’ last year at an event for cochlear implanted children – he was the only child there who used BSL as his first language. As a deaf BSL using child Ethan has a small peer group and limited opportunities to participate in large group activities on a level with other children – for him Kaos is invaluable. As his mother, and a professional singer with a background in choral societies, seeing him participate in the choir and able to express himself so creatively is a dream come true, and one for which I will never cease to be filled with gratitude to Ali and the team.””

From Katherine Mount (Kaos Parent)

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